Hello there! My name is Darren and I am an Illustrator based in the UK. 
I illustrate for children's picture books, young fiction, educational resources and magazines.
As well as these I've also been known to create prints or weddings, events, festivals, charities and even the occasional family portrait.
I'm very open to projects on set or tight budgets, big or small. If you'd like to chat about a possible project feel free to drop me an email at the address below, or you can contact me directly through the contact tab above.
FAQs on hiring an illustrator
I'll always be happy to hear from you about your possible project. Below are a few FAQs that I'm frequently asked.
What information do you need for a project brief: 
It's helpful to get a full understanding early on of the overall size of your project. Useful information to include will be the estimated number of illustrations, how they are to be used, for example in a book, magazine or for online use. The average size of the illustrations and whether they are to be in full colour, black and white or line work.
Project Timescales
Please include information on when the project will be due by. If there is no specific deadline this will be okay as well.
Publishing or Self Publishing
If the project is a picture book or children's based product it will be very useful to know in advance if it is set to be published or self published.
Fee Negotiation
I'll always be happy to talk about and negotiate fees. If you have a clear idea of the projects budget in advance please include this in your first email.
How much does it cost to hire an illustrator?
Every project is different and usually it's negotiated with you once we've both got a clear idea of the full requirements of the project. As a note, I am a a full time professional illustrator and because of this will most likely not be able to consider voluntary/pro bono work unless I feel I have the time to do so.
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